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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best Thing Ever
This one might suffer from too much in the way of prefacatory remarks, but let me merely note that I received this book as a gift at a restaurant work Christmas Party from one of the funniest busboys you'll ever meet. His inscription: "To Richard - Just thought you'd like to see a softer side of the Juice. Have a nice season!"
Without further ado ...

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Trials of a Young College Columnist, Vol. II
"TKE Didn't Need To Go" - Free Press, September 20, 1993

Opening up the can of U.S.M.'s Greek Life ... not sure why I singled out Joe Austin, who TKE President Kevin Martin properly deemed a "mid-level functionary" (or something to that effect) in his letter to the editor the following week. It must have been my deeply buried crush on VP of Student Affairs Judy Ryan. (hold for laughter from the USM alumni portion of the reader base).

Monday, February 13, 2012

Trials of a Young College Columnist, Vol. I
"ZOO-S.M." - Free Press, September 13, 1993

My first published column for the Free Press. Ultimately, my point was to encourage entering first-years to avoid wholesome campus activities in favor of attending parties at my fraternity house. All in the service of the cause ....

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