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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Best Thing Ever
This one might suffer from too much in the way of prefacatory remarks, but let me merely note that I received this book as a gift at a restaurant work Christmas Party from one of the funniest busboys you'll ever meet. His inscription: "To Richard - Just thought you'd like to see a softer side of the Juice. Have a nice season!"
Without further ado ...

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Blogger Rev. Andy said...

Oh my ever loving freaky. Why is the cognizant dissonance of OJ saying, "I loved getting trophies, even for second place." and the horror of his unwilling to second place that he had to kill Nicole Brown Simpson... I mean could it really get any more disturbing?

8:10 AM

Blogger T. Oklahoma Bandwagon said...

Well-stated. There are a few things like that ... like "I'm just a part of your imagination. The real O.J. Simpson is standing right over there." The logical extension is, "... and if the REAL O.J. Simpson is standing right over there, then he has a solid alibi and you must acquit." And does he have cocaine eyes in most of these pictures, or is it just me?

8:22 AM


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