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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Spaceman Cometh to Waterville

Former Red Sox pitching great, or at least, pitching pretty good, Bill "Spaceman" Lee appeared in Waterville last night for the premier of a new movie about his life. This photo and two articles appeared in the Morning Sentinel and Kennebec Journal today, recounting the event. Here's the tag line from the staff photographer Jeff Pouland's pic:
SOX APPEAL: Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill ``Spaceman'' Lee acknowledges the crowd after arriving at the Waterville Opera House for the showing of his film ``High & Outside'' on Wednesday evening. His film is part of the Maine International Film Festival.
Some key excerpts of his comments from the Q&A, per the MS article:
Bill Lee is standing in front of the stage at the Waterville Opera House, signing autographs, when a fan brings up the fight.

Yankee Stadium, 1976. Before Pedro dropped Zimmer in the 2003 American League Championship Series and Jason Varitek made A-Rod eat his catcher's mitt in 2004, this was the brawl by which all Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee brawls were measured.

"I'll show you something. Watch this," Lee says to the fan as he reaches into his wallet. Out comes the Graig Nettles card. The Yankee who punched Lee in the fight that ended with Lee hobbling off the field with a separated left shoulder. His throwing shoulder.

"I'll have Graig Nettles right against my (butt) for eternity," Lee says, laughing.

Lee was in Waterville for the world premiere of the documentary "High And Outside." The film chronicles Lee's career in baseball, including his run-ins with management in Boston and Montreal, his social commentaries, as well as his life in Craftsbury, Vt.


On Don Zimmer ending up as a coach with the Yankees: "You know why (Zimmer) got that job? Because he threw the '78 season. I'm No. 3 lifetime winning percentage against the Yankees. We lost nine straight games to the Yankees ... I did not pitch," Lee says. "Bobby Sprowl (pitched). How many games did Bobby Sprowl win in the big leagues folks? Zero."

On Manny Ramirez: "I've watched (Ramirez) approach the game. He does not think. A guy comes up to me, 'I know my problem.' That's your problem. Don't think Tiger, you'll hurt the ballclub."
Right on, just as usual.

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Clicked through to your blog on a whim today and, holy crap!, there's actually something new here. Glad to see there's life in RKD.

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