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Friday, June 22, 2007

Music History 101

I think it's as good a time as any to break from the politics and other nonsense that I've so far used this blog space to spew forth.

I'll tread into background on another day, but for now, it will suffice to say that live music played a pretty important role in my life for many moons. I saw many great bands at many great venues, mostly during the mid 1990s, and those experiences many pretty seminal despite my burgeoning elderhood.

The Cumberland County Civic Center: A not-so-great venue

So, I've discovered that this, here, internet thing provides many venues through which a person situated such as I am can locate folks who own recorded copies of many of the shows that I attended. Most of these sites appear to be sanctioned by the artists themselves, including the Live Music Archive and the ETREE traders database.

D.C.'s The 9:30 Club: A Great Venue

The former provided a window through which I have been able to acquire some fine live music a la mp3, but a mite bit of which came from the list of shows I actually attended. And many of those few were
Grateful Dead shows, which sorta cuts into any attempt to broaden the horizons. Roll away … the dew, if you will ….

So, for whatever it's worth, I plan to recall many of the shows I have attended, and where possible, provide some kind of media to paint some colors that might better describe the event than any words might do.

Bear with me. I'll try to get the first concert-specific post up soon.

The Orpheum Theatre: A Great Venue

Yes, indeed.

Oxford Plains Speedway: based on GD fans and metal/Monsters of Rock fans, circa' 88 reports – not a Great venue.



Blogger weasel said...

Don't forget the ballpark in Old Orchard.... Yay! Horde tour hacky-sack bastards! Yay!

11:08 AM

Anonymous kristin said...

Now these entries might warrant a comment or two...

3:19 PM

Blogger Rikki said...

Not to nitpick, but I believe the facility was officially SEAPAC when the Horde Hores visited OOB. I know it was when I attended my one and only Phish show, circa July 1993. However, I proudly attended the 2nd Maine Guides' baseball game ever played at The Ballpark, dubiously took in the much heralded Def Leppard/Europe show of ... errr ... I'll lie and pretend it was still the 1980s, and freely listened to at least 8 songs by James Taylor from the show's parking lot in, maybe, spring of 1990. Yes, I heard Fire, and I heard Rain.

10:46 PM


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