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Monday, April 02, 2007

Haitus Interruptus

Hear ye, hear ye ...

In case you've been monitoring the level of inaction on this site (and odds are, you haven't), you'd notice it's err ... high.

Newborn child has brought much joy and taken most spare energy & time. But these are excuses and we all know plenty about their worth.

However, I have to chime in with at least a token mention of
this bit of news.

The topic was central to this blog's creation, so I'd be negligent to ... umm ... neglect it. Done it before
here, here, here (I liked this one ... perhaps the moment my HTML jumped the shark ... or my Waterloo ... pick your cliche), and here (scroll down).

So, it's fair to say, I'm
pleased with the result. I guess now we'll see what this kind of decision can force the Bushies to do. At the very least, it's a kick in the pants of Congress to enact something that forces W's hand. No longer can the august body declare any kind of ambiguity about whether or not CO2 is legally speaking, a pollutant. Hmmm. And the beat goes on ...


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