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Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Frickin' Cold Out There

The Associated Press sticks its neck out on
this one. I guess it hit minus-teens in the County, but I have no reservation complaining about the single-digit negative readings we're seeing around Penobscot Bay. In shortest terms available, as this site notes., it's "(-1)" and "feels like (-20)."

The Village Soup's Holly Anderson helps us out with the
details and some nice frost photos.

When I defrost, maybe I'll post something about
the Brent Pitcher trial, and perhaps some commentary on why this story is a fine piece of trial coverage, and why the reporting and writing quality of this story causes me to rethink the value of my subscription to the Courier-Gazette.

We'll see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iye yeah, but it's not as cold as it is here


3:02 AM


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