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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Proof that Europeans have it Right

It's the philanthropy that really makes it nice.

Thanks to our friends at the AP for this fine photo of Miss Universe, Alexandra Rosenfeld, Miss France 2006, as she plays foosball with children at a Boys and Girls Club in Burbank, Calif., on Monday, July 10, 2006.

Foozball has re-entered my consciousness of late, and not merely due to Ms. Rosenfeld's philanthropic effect. More importantly, I offer thanks to Canada Mike who recently set-up his
Million Dollar Game table and welcomed me to rechristen it a few weeks back.

Today, disagreement ensued as to the proper spelling of the game, which I learned at the fine
institution of finer learning where I spent my salad days. Canada Mike observed:

Foos (it's "S" man - "S"):
Results 1 - 10 of about 862,000 for foos.
Results 1 - 10 of about 94,700 for fooz

He added that he "just re-perfected my off-the-back-of-the-keeper-into-the-net-through-the-air shot of awesomeness."
I'll withhold the full bluster of my reply, but sufficed to say, I disagreed with his insistence on the European usage and barred him from using it until he could beat me. And silly-arsed novelty shot or no silly-arsed novelty shot, that isn't happening anytime soon so long as my push is as effective as it was last week. I be frat guy, hear me boast.

Upon viewing Ms. Rosenfeld's mad skills, I might be inclined to at least permit limited, or dual usage of "foos" along with my preferred spelling. You know, like in


Blogger weasel said...

Erm, it is "table football".

11:42 PM

Blogger weasel said...

And-erm- who helped Canada Mike set the table up while you were off being "a father"? No thanks needed...

11:45 PM

Blogger Rikki said...

Fair enough. Move to amend the stipulations to include the following:

1) The "Table Football" usage is permissible, as it neither raises issues of regional syntax, grammar, or spelling, nor is diminished by virtue of any performance-supported claim to legitimacy on the part of its proponent.

2. Once Canada Mike was assisted by the alleged "father be-er" in carrying the table down a staircase barely wide enough to accomodate the table's girth, said father gladly relinquished his role in the table's erection in favor of the able-bodied Weasel, by then properly limbered and liquored as would aid in the prosecution of such remaining tasks.

This I most humbly and solemnly swear, covenant, and vow to be so under penalty of open mockery.

11:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen the spelling on the table under your link to frat guy? I am just saying Canada Mike might have a point...

12:35 PM


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