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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Knox Mill Goes Virtually Web-Present

Re-speck for Downeast Magazine – The Magazine of Maine – for finally breaking down and making some of its editorial content available online. The latest issue, for instance, features this piece about the future of Camden's Knox Mill. Downeast regularly publishes strong longer form news features that died with after The Maine Times went out of business many moons ago.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the new Downeast web presence is its decision to provide a browse-able archive of certain stories dating back over the past several years. Unfortunately, most like this one
Reinventing Rockland from August 2005, and this one on candlepin bowling don't appear in their entirety and leave you at a frustrating dead-end. But, with some due diligence, you might find something of interest from the past in some of the front-of-the magazine musings and viewpoints sections. For instance, note Online Investigators from December 2005, describing the burgeoning Pine Tree-composed Blogosphere and Portland-based The Bollard, which it dubs the resurrection in spirit of the now-defunct and occasionally-missed
Casco Bay Weekly.

While at Downeast, check out this piece about the
resurgence of Saddleback Ski Area. Playing out like a far-more-expensive version of the hobby-driven purchase of Rockland's Strand Theater. by a ridiculously rich Texas energy investor, Saddleback appears to be on a track back from oblivion thanks to some non-profit-driven investment by long-standing lover of the mountain. All that aside, I like the sound of this:
… Berry says he hopes to keep lift tickets – currently forty dollars for an adult – within a few dollars of where they are now. A similar ticket at either Sugarloaf or Sunday River this year costs sixty-seven dollars. As an added bonus for locals, Saddleback lets Maine residents ski for just twenty-five dollars on one Sunday each month."
The Fact that $40 constitutes "cheap" for a daily lift ticket is a topic for another day. That said, I'm excited to take in the to-now elusive ski mountain of the greater Rangeley region. I retain my allegience, whatever that means, to Sugarloaf, but I look forward to taking a run or two at Saddleback just to support their fine efforts. If everything identifed on this map as proposed comes to be built, no charity considerations will be necessary to draw me up there.

One More Thing ...

Google gave me
this cool BDN piece about Rockland that I am surprised I missed when it was published.


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