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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Arguably Endorsements, Pt 2

US House, District One

Let's start out with the easy one. Incumbent Democrat Rep. Tom Allen v. Republican state Rep.
Darlene Curley for U.S. House District One (read: The other Maine, as viewed from "The Other Maine"). Prediction? Allen by 45 lengths. Slam Dunk! Only thing of note is that Rep. Allen also faces a challenge from the left from registered Democrat named Dexter Kamilewicz (with feeling: "Camel"-"Hey!"-"Vitch"). Mr. K. attempts to paint clear differences with Rep. Allen, taking umbrage with the latter's vote to fund the Iraq War after initially voting to deny Congressional authorization to send troops. However, even these votes don't begin to crack the image of Rep. Allen held both statewide and nationally as a supremely competent advocate for his constituents and a bona fide liberal. Mr. Kamilewicz's presence should not bleed any liberal votes away from the incumbent other than the most deluded among the leftover 60s radical scene.

US Senate

Yah, yah, yah.
Sen. Olympia Snowe v. former newspaper editor and current organic farming Democrat Jean Hay Bright v. former USM Professor Bill Slavick. Gonna be a blow-out, as MPBN observes and this KJ and Morning Sentinel editorial hopes to stir along. Ever since Time Magazine called Olympia, aka "The Caretaker," one of the nation's Best Senators, the nearly impossible task of unseating her became officially hopeless.

So then … moving on …


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