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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sporting a bit of an attitude

Sorry for the recent absence, if anyone was counting. I just filed a motion to dismiss in a bizarre
Section 1983 action, so extraneous writing has seemed neither viable nor interesting. I won't bore you with the details, but sufficed to say, it took me a bit of imagination and broad thinking to explain why a completely ludicrous civil rights claim was, in fact, completely ludicrous. In short, I hope the court understands my argument that neither the First Amendment nor the 14th Amendment provide a right not to have to work very hard in one's employment. I wish I was exaggerating.

To abridge or not to abridge, that is the question …

(Editor's Note: The joy of finding web photos to compliment phrases like 'broad thinking' can lead to some weird discoveries. That said, I didn't expect to find the Village Voice among the places that would have a photo with the tag "ogling". In the spirit of … something, I give you
this Village Voice article, which might be worth a click over for either shock value or to redeem one's connection with the feminist movement. Relish with panache.)

Anyway, in celebration, I will focus exclusively on the
World of Sports today. Maybe tomorrow, I'll get to more weighty issues. Don't hold your breath.


The Other Football

Hey, why's that ref kicking the ball? Oh wait …

Our old friend
BSG provides some thoughts on something I went through a few years back. While it's safe to say that I never officially caught the bug after I declaring myself a Newcastle United fan, it at least helped provide some context through which I could honor this international thing called soccer.

Incidentally, some of the considerations in favor of choosing Newcastle entered into my choice – i.e. sponsorship by a fine brown ale, the city is coastal yet blue-collar, and the lore of
this event. Plus, my soccer-lovin' pal Danny approved of my choice as valid and based on sound reasoning. Among the many funny and well-typed things Simmons writes, I liked this bit about Newcastle:

Can't Decide if This is a Bonus Reason For or Against: According to the readers, "They have a rabid fan base from a depressed former industrial town where the accent makes fans' speech absolutely incomprehensible," which they call "Geordie" (like it's a real language). In other words, it's just like Rhode Island.


The Other, Other Football (A.K.A. "football")

C'mon, Deion

Sadly, nothing funny here.
Ted Johnson is causing complete inner turmoil among the same people who railed against Brett Myers not a full month earlier.

Not quite as sad, but worth lamenting is the prospect that
Deion Branch won't be returning to the Patriots anytime soon, much less for anything worth deeming "the long haul." On the upside, John Tomase is giddy about the prospect of a Pats' offense prominently involving a two-tight end set.

Meanwhile, Jets Fan is excited about
Eric Mangini. SI's Dr. Z agrees that Mangini was a good catch. NY Daily News Jets beat writer Rich Cimini notes:

Mangini isn't a screamer, but he calls out players in front of the team and he isn't shy about fining them for breaking rules, according to a person familiar with the inner workings of the team.

If a player makes a mistake in practice, it's not unusual for Mangini to point it out the next morning in a team film session, putting the offending player on the spot. No one is immune, not even the most established players.

Sounds like anyone else we know? Hmmm …


Briefly …
Tiger Woods is still good. As is The Onion, which provides this spoof of Woods' British Open win. And while we're spoofing Tiger, in deference to Buffalo Josh, I re-post the Chappelle racial draft. Fer-shizzle, indeed!

RZA: Ol' Dirty has no changed his name from "Dirt Ma Jirt" to "The Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant" … Kineecheewa, Beetches!

The Guy who won the Tour de France may not really be that good. Sir Charles is so good, he's switched parties and is seriously planning to run for Governor in Alabama. Frank Deford is good, per the usual.

Ms. Patrick, as I'm nasty …

Danica Patrick decides to be
good to the league that's been good to her. Call her the last hope for IRL and open wheel racing in the USA.

Tennis is good, it's worth noting, as we enter
the hard court season. This is old, but Jon Wertheim is high on American phoenix James Blake as the U.S. Open nears. Here's a good
Federer or Sampras article in the NY Sun.

Andy Roddick hopes that Jimmy Connors is as good at coaching as he was at playing.

OK … one politics thing

Cindy Sheehan

This is too funny to pass up. I wonder if Bush can do something to invoke eminent domain, per Kelo v. City of New London, to up the cutesy factor exhibited by Cindy Sheehan here. If the Ohio Supreme Court is any harbinger of nationwide public opinion, as The New York Times suggests, that might not be a good idea.

I thought we were done with stories about
Roger coming back to Boston. Jesus! Let it die.

Also waxing asinine about acquisitions not meant-to-be, the always loveable Gerry Callahan says
Nanny-Nanny Boo-Boo to the Yankees regarding A-Rod.

The NY Post
takes some interest in Mark Prior, curiously at a time when both Big Apple teams are reportedly in the market for pitching help. Hmm …

While we're with the tabloid, this
ugly bit about Harold Reynolds is starting to take form. I'm waiting for the "She was asking for the hug" quote from smooth Harold. The Cross Towners have this bit, opting for the analysis breed of story vs. the "copycat of the Post, who obviously scooped the hell out of us" variety. I approve.

Meanwhile, the Globe's Red Sox blogger Eric Wilbur gets serious and observes the
ridiculous prices GMs are asking for starting pitchers as the trading deadline nears.

He's right. Note to Theo: keep the young arms, take your chances that
Karen Guregan is right and that Wells, or Wakefield, or even, God forbid, Clement might contribute bits here and there as the race heats up. On that note, Hartford Courant's David Heuschkel suggests that we not expect Keith Foulke to offer much to that mix.
PhillyBurbs' Randy Miller
reports that the Red Sox were "very interested" in Jon Lieber, "… until the asking price was one of its 22-year-old rookie pitchers, lefty starter Jon Lester or right-hander reliever Craig Hansen."

I guess that warrants a measure of confidence in Theo and Co.

The Rooks and their big arsed numbers

Here's a cutesy yet readable Buckshot article from the Herald about
high jersey numbers borne and worn by the Red Sox rookie pitching staff. I like how Hansen didn't make the #21 connection.

Speaking of the Rooks, the carousel continues to spin.
Jermaine Van Buren is back, as is Kyle Snyder, (not technically a rookie, but work with me…). Meanwhile, it's off to the farm for Kason GabbardKason we hardly knew ye! While you're down there, give our best to David Pauley.


Blogger B said...

When starting off with the topic being attitude, why not have a picture of Ann Coulter? I guess that's more lunacy than attude though... I think we need to sick Harold Reynolds and a sauced Joe Namath on her...

Is is just me, or is there the smallest bit of irony in being asked to type in "nnnra" below to confirm my post on your blog? Maine-folk do love their NRA...

8:59 AM

Anonymous d-money said...

I also see you as a Wigan Athletic guy (should you grow tired of the whole Newcastle thing).

As for the Newcastle thing. You don't have your pin-up hero Alan Shearer anymore, Mickey Owen is out at least until 2007 - but, you did get Damien Duff for 5 million squid.,,10429,00.html

5:48 AM

Blogger Rikki said...

Enticing ... that said, I fear the Newcastle thing has stuck ... kinda like a bad rash. We'll see. I don't figure my attention on das futball is going be acute enough for me to tire of the Newcastle skullduggery anytime soon, but I'll keep the Wigan at arm's length should any conflicts arise. Bullocks!

8:08 AM


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