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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Midseason Mumbo Jumbo

The All Star break is here, which means each of the papers trumps out its boring Midseason Report Cards:
ProJo's Steven Krasner; Tony Mazz; The Eagle Tribune. The Globe's Eric Wilbur goes MLB with his report card and predictions.

Manny Delcarmen

The Hartford Courant's David Heuschkel writes an actual article, reporting that
the Sox' young pitchers are shouldering the load, giving particular praise to the steady improvement shown by Manny Delcarmen who, "since being recalled May 28, … has a 2.33 ERA in 18 appearances."

The Herald's John Tomase says
the keys to the Red Sox second half "may very well be named Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen."

Craig Hansen

The Herald's Michael Silverman reports that a bunch of
All Star peers think Jon Papelbon is pretty good:
“Jon’s been tremendous. He’s been throwing outstanding. He’s been impressive and that’s what he’s got to do,” said the New York Yankees’ Mariano Rivera, the gold standard among all closers with his 398 regular-season saves, plus 23 in the postseason. “He has a good fastball, a good split but a lot of players have seen that. His composure, his demeanor, will determine how far he will go. He has a lot of talent but it is a long time, long term. I wish him the best and hopefully he’s going to continue what he’s been doing.”

The San Diego Padres’ Trevor Hoffman has had had no problem keeping up on the 25-year-old Papelbon.

“It’s been absolutely incredible the job that he’s done under the circumstances, being as young as he is,” said the 38-year-old closer. “I’m sure he’s a bit numb to everything that’s been going on and I’m sure he’s well aware of what’s going on. Part of that is just what makes the story as remarkable as it is.”
Fine praise from fine sources.


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