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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


HTML ... Piece of Cake.

I finally figured out how to have hyperlinks open in a new window. For example, say I want you to see
this lovely picture in connection with some kinda subliminal message I hope to inject into your mind.

Up until about 15 minutes ago, this gesture would have bogged-down in my amateur-hour attempts at Fine Bloggery, forcing you -- my reader -- to open the link in the same window as the blog, thereby requiring all kinds of "back" and "refresh" and other button-clicking expeditions.

Dare I say, "You Deserve Better!"?

I think so.

So here it is -- welcome to the Brave New World I enter on your behalf, filled with target="_blank" beauty. Remember, in the words of Bryan ... no,
Mr. Adams, "Everything I do ... I do it for you."


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