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Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Sporting Interest …

Here's a nice bit from the middle of last week on
Jon Lester. Sayeth the young man:

Lester said he also continues to make adjustments with his approach. A self-acknowledged perfectionist, he's working on ``not being so fine, getting ahead of guys early. I've got to get my percentage of strikes up a little more than it is now, going after guys."

The Herald's Jeff Horrigan weighed in on the two brightest prospects last week, too, noting this in regard to a recent Craig Hansen outing:

The Sox aren’t ready to say Craig Hansen is being converted into a starting pitcher, but the prospect originally thought to be the next great closer is scheduled to make his second consecutive start for the PawSox tomorrow at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. The right-hander started during Monday’s doubleheader at McCoy Stadium, but that was because the games were only seven innings and he was guaranteed to get his work in.

Hansen breezed through four scoreless innings on an economical 54 pitches. The organization obviously would like to see more, but Pawtucket manager Ron Johnson said it’s not a given he will be a starter.

“We’re creating pitchability for (Sox manager Terry Francona) if (Hanson) has the opportunity to go up there,” Johnson said. “If you look at it, you’ve got a closer there (Papelbon) who’s doing a pretty good job, and you’ve got another closer there (Keith Foulke) who’s done it for a number of years. You create pitchability with all of these guys here for when they get up, (and) you’re going to fit into any role.”

As Angry L.A. Greg would say, "Yeee!!!"

I might be judging too much from the photos, but I think between
Lesterand Craig Hansen, we may have another budding entry into the Apollian v. Dionysian discussion. In the words of that Julia Louis Dreyfus, in her short stint with SNL: "I like the black one …"

And Clemens revisited …

Buffalo Josh helped me out twice today with these responses to the Clemens annoyance. First, by sharing
the genius of Jim Caple. Second, by providing this summation of his own:

I may stand alone on this one but Roger Clemens is a buffoon.

Even worse are the Astros for allowing him to be a buffoon.

How does a guy that was saving himself for the post season pitch in the World
Baseball Classic? How is he then not ready to throw April 1/May 1 if he was
working out the whole time? Is he new to the league? Has the entire league
changed during his 4 minute "please someone love me. Shower me with kisses.
Adore me" retirement? Oops, I should type 2nd retirement. And why the heck now
does he need 3 minor league starts? Doesn't that go against him "saving up his
bullets" for games that matter? I hated him as a Yankee, and I loathe him as an

I hope the entire league lights him up like an electric chair. He even said he would have started the season at the normal time if it wasn't for all the know, like autographs, showing up for games, shagging fly balls, all those huge hassles. He doesn't even have to leave Houston yet he was hassled.

He's an idiot. The Astros are idiots for allowing him to do it, and I hope he goes 6-13 with a 5.65 era.

And I'm grateful to Yahweh that he is no longer a Yankee. Thank you, Yahweh.

Hanover John responds:

I am surprised this is not a more common reaction.

He wanted to pitch 'for a winner' - Houston is 20 games out - they have little offense, and after Oswalt - they have NO pitching. Their closer is getting lit up … they have NO chance to make the playoffs … even if Roger goes 18-0.

I think the Astros may have wanted him to make one start at each level to boost attendance.


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