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Friday, June 30, 2006

Quick hits

Terry Gross, of NPR's "Fresh Air,"
interviewed a doctor who is linking global warming with an upsurge in asthma, allegies, and tropical diseases.

Here's an analysis of a
Barbara Merrill for Governor ad, with some curious hints about Merrill's likely impact in the fall campaign.

The Patriots's gamble in trading for troubled d-lineman
Johnathan Sullivan appears to be off on the wrong foot, as the big feller appears to have an affinity for the wacky weed. Frankly, I blame the misplaced "H" in his first name.

Here are a few takes on the Guantanamo military tribunals decision by the Supreme Court yesterday: NPR lists
a bunch of quotes; American Constitutional Society Blog;; Washington Post says A Governing Philosophy Rebuffed; a blog-chat about Gitmo through a Rove-ian lens; Crooks and Liars explores the Clarence Thomas as Chickenhawk theme; NPR "writer" Tom Bowman is curious what will happen to the detainees today.

The ABA journal says
this about Gitmo; this about the death penalty; and this about Texas gerrymandering.

NPR has all kinds of Supreme Court stuff, mostly by
The Nina: ATC main story on Gitmo. Talk of The Nation featured a talk with Neal Katyal, lawyer for Gitmo prisoner Salim Hamdan, LA Times' David Savage, and former Reagan and Bush I administration policy guy David Rivkin.

the President responds to Gitmo ruling; The Nina explains the Texas redistricting ruling; Nina says conservatives demand more nominees; Day to Day's Dahlia Lithwick does Gitmo here and Texas Redistricitng here; Day to Day Texas analysis here. Talk of the Nation hit the Texas case here.

Diana Rehm's
weekly news round-up with EJ Dionne, WSJ's John Harwood, and BBC's Justin Webb was Supreme Court heavy today.

Dahlia Lithwick and Walter Dellinger
chat about the Supreme Court's entire term in kinda cutesy, he-said, she-said thing for Slate. Joan Biskupic returns from her self imposed exile and posts this wrap-up in USA Today.

The American Prospect's Tracie Powell
doesn't like the Texas ruling.

Well, darling, it seems like we're going to have to get used to it.


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