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Friday, June 16, 2006

Meanwhile, in the Less-Veiled world of Politics:

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The NY Times says
the Democrats are targeting suburbs in the 2006 midterm election, hoping to steal the Republicans' 2004 blueprint.

I wonder if they can take a lesson from RFKjr's
treatise in Rolling Stone about Ohio in 2004 and display enough audacity to copy the REAL Republican tricks to winning. Man the polls in Republican districts with really slow pollworkers and gum up the waiting lines. Call TV stations and newspapers to cancel planned Republican media events. Make an appointment with Donald Segretti. Gum up the works in any other related, colorful ways … Use your imagination kids. Don't think of it as work, either. Think of it as self-improvement.

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Speaking of
Mr. Kennedy, Jr., Esq., I watched him on The Colbert Report the other night and was a little surprised by the performance. Here's a guy who has relished past opportunities to square off against hostile interviewers, usually at Fox News, and more often than not comes out on top. Yet, he appeared so disarmed by Colbert's smirky style and surprised by the interviewer's lack of deference to his …. Kennedy-ness. It was interesting, if uncomfortable, to watch. I liked this tete-e-tet:
RFK: There were 80,000 people in 12 western counties in Ohio who voted for Kerry and had their votes shifted to Bush …
Colbert: Maybe those 80,000 voters were actually just like Kerry and they flip-flopped. How do you know … do you have some DNA samples or somthing?

Colbert: OK … Let me ask you something. Which was easier – for Bush to steal votes in Ohio in 2004, or your uncle to steal votes in Illinois in 1960?
RFKjr: Let me say something. Anybody who tries to steal an election or tries to steal one is wrong no matter who it is. And it's been said that President Kennedy and Mayor Daley in 1960 had dead people voting in Cook County, so that got my uncle elected president. The problem with that is that Illinois was not decisive of the process. Even if President Kennedy had lost Illinois, he still would have been President. It was definitely cheating, and there was cheating on both ends of that state. And whoever did it was wrong. It's un-American. It's treachery. Its something that is against everything we stand for.
Colbert: Well said. Well said. I accept your apology.

Colbert: Do you believer there should be paper trails on these Debold voting machines?
RFKjr: Yes.
Colbert: So, I thought you were an environmentalist. Now you wanna cut down
trees?!?! Nailed ya! Please come back and nail me sometime.

I guess that's the danger of being earnest. At least he laughed it off.


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