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Friday, June 30, 2006

"An Inconvenient Truth" Goes Midcoast

The Line to Get In To See A.I.T. at the Colonial in Belfast

film finished its run at Belfast's Colonial Theater, where the Belfast Common-er reported that the lines were long to get in. The reels headed south this week. The Bayview Street Cinema in Camden shows the global warming pic from June 30 through July 6.

The Rockland
Strand Theater will run the movie from July 16-25, and will co-sponsor a discussion about global warming before and after its July 17 showing along with the Natural Resources Council of Maine. The Brunswick Times Record favorably opined on a similar event at that city's Eveningstar Cinema.

Not everybody is fired up about the Midcoast's embrace of the Al Gore vehicle, as evidenced by this
grumpy opinion. I submitted a response, which will hopefully run in Saturday's Courier-Gazette. If not, I may post it here.

Update: I just saw my letter on the Courier's website, which should be accessible here. After Tuesday, July 5, here


Blogger kevmo said...

hmm, got a 404 on the courier article...

2:17 PM

Blogger Rikki said...


Try here:

Also, they published my letter to the editor in the Saturday paper. Advance version is here:

2:40 PM

Blogger Rikki said...

Whoops -- no links. Try these:

Here is the grumpy Rockporter.

Here is my letter.

2:42 PM

Blogger B said...

While I applaud the release and attention that A.I.T. is gathering, there is one major problem with it. Those going to see it generally do not need to. The people that have steadfastly said "Global warming is happening right before our eyes and we need to do something about it" are lining up to see it, but few of those who need to see it ever will... It would have been better if it only involved Gore and not made him a central part of the experience. The mere possibility of him running it makes this too political when it should be more bipartisan...

The environment will remain a topic under issues like our international standing, taxes, and the ever important moral/sexual issues (abortion, gay marriage, etc)... That is until everyone gets hit by a figurative bolt of lightning. Currently there's only a strong gust of wind with a little rain about the issue.

I'll vote on Environment before most other issues, but I'm just one little fish in a pond that's been urinated in too much over the past few centuries...

11:34 AM


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