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Thursday, May 11, 2006

This was actually written and published in the salad days of my blog existence.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Globally Warmed Snakes on a Plane, Muthafucah!

I read an
interesting story at the Washington Post’s website today. It’s interesting to me mainly because it indicates that somehow, someway, the global warming tides (sorry) might finally be ebbing into the dark side of the publics imagination. The inability to so capture has been at the root of the lack of any movement by Congress to undertake any meaningful regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant or otherwise stem the burgeoning levels of human technology-generated (anthropogenic if youre nasty) CO2 in the atmosphere.

the trailer for the film.

I’m curious to know how widespread the distribution of this film will be. The trailer is top rate, and looks like one you’d see in a big-time theater. The movie apparently premiered at Sundance, and its backers have created
this website to help gin up more public awareness. Here’s the Post’s coverage of the premier, which apparently should have ginned up more buzz than it did.

But I am more curious about the steadily growing movement to earnestly consider Al Gore as a 2008 Presidential candidate. It seems he’s becoming the heir apparent to all support available at the hands of
those who shudder to think about the prospects of having Hillary carry the Democratic standard in 2008. The movement is underway. The trouble, as the Post columnist notes, is that Gore could be a great president. First, though, he has to be a good candidate. Does this differ from the facts as they existed in 2000? In any event, a least a few lefty publications are willing to at least entertain the idea.

I guess it might do us well to wait and see what this film generates over the summer. Especially when it goes up against films that could similarly capture the imagination of the public, such as

With this
kind of a film, the buzz will be hard to top. Even the snarky types are in on the jig.

Tangent Alert. While were visiting McSweeney’s, I suggest you consider the implications of
this on the world of pop media. Who is next?

Mr. Jackson says, Enough is enough!


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