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Monday, May 15, 2006

Stream of Consciousness ventures through the weekend's news ….

Maine News:

On the development front, two plans were revealed over the weekend. The state is looking to establish a 180 mile
trails system from Moosehead Lake through the Grafton Notch area and the Mahoosuc Range, including new huts, for cross country skiers and hikers. And it looks like new college will soon be in our midst, locating on the former MBNA site at Point Lookout in Northport.

On the dark side of the property law hippity snippity, the Village Soup reports that a
South Thomaston beach is the latest to be the subject of a lawsuit between a landowner and those who assert rights to access the beach.

Meanwhile, the world of politics was replete with praise and attacks over the weekend. The Press Herald, seemingly inspired by the word of Arguably So,
calls out Sen. Collins for her shambolic and hypocritical vote in favor of this year's Bush tax cut. Meanwhile, this L.A. Times columnist pithily agrees that the tax cuts are a farce. The Portland Press Herald applauds new DEP commissioner David Littell for the new International Paper water pollution permits.

The rains may be
washing out all of Southern Maine, but more pressingly, the impact on the Red Sox is killing my Roto baseball prospects.

Phenom Watch ...

Speaking of the Red Sox, the Herald's Karen Guregian provides some fodder for our consideration.

Oh yeah, and New England bid adieu to Doug Flutie on Monday: once, twice, third times a Patriot.

Elsewhere in the world …

are pissed at the GOP. The Washington Post says it more plainly.

NY Times' Adam Nagourney looks forward and
the Dems should take a dive in '06. The Boston Globe looks into the past and reports that
Bob Shrum sucks. At exactly the same time, on the other side of town, the Herald's perpetually grumpy Margery Eagan says Hillary sucks.

Another left-coaster suggests that
Nancy Pelosi presents the only chance for political salvation to Karl Rove and the rest of the S.S.

Thinking obtusely, this commentary notes that noted early 20th Century historian
Richard Hofstadter predicted everything nasty that the Bush Administration is perpetrating. Speaking of, old hatemonger and former House Rep. Bob Barr, growls that domestic spying is bad:

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on a study that says the nation's
rich-poor growing, and nobody seems to be noticing. Meanwhile, everybody overseas appears to be uncomfortable that McDonald's wants them to Super Size It!.

On the lighter side …

Eddie Vedder
plays his best Harry Carey. Don’t tell the Mariners.

LA Times magazine likens screenwriter
Charlie Kaufmann to F. Scott Fitzgerald and an array of other literary giants, and somehow convinces me along the way. MALKOVICH!!!


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